Unique gifts that make him feel like FATHER OF THE YEAR

by Rémi Vanecht on June 9, 2020

How will you show your appreciation for Dad this year? Working from home while being occupied with homeschooling for the kids at the same time must have been hectic and chaotic. Add to that the ever changing landscape of do’s and don’ts of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic and it would be fair to say Dad is due for a little more appreciation than any other Father’s Day in the past.Taking this in consideration, we have selected the best gifts to help fathers feel better both physically and mentally:

Still leading the pack, the Hyperice Hypervolt is a great tool for self-massaging but it will also allow you to give Daddy a great massage which will relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve range of motion and promote blood circulation, therefore decreasing Dad’s stress level. And that is beneficial for the whole household…

What could be better than having a massage while working at the desk? The PowerDot Duo 2.0 provides relaxing massages and pain relief from the comfort of home. The app has pre-designed programs for various goals: muscle strength, muscle endurance, massages, recovery, pain/soreness relief, blood circulation, warm up and cool down.

Dad has become more sedentary these last month? No problem, let’s make dad a strong athlete again with the WeckMethod BOSU® Elite. What is so special about it? It's not about instability training, it's about resistance training. The BOSU® Elite's new high-density dome and reinforced platform are designed to generate a powerful elastic resistance which is exciting untapped muscle fibers and bringing them to their max force limit. Basically, everything you do on the BOSU® Elite is amplified! Dad will get back in shape in no time!

Back pain hits most of the dads. Always lifting too much or on the contrary sitting at his office desk for an extended period of time. The cutting-edge, digitally connected, portable device combines heat and vibration to loosen and relax stiff muscles is the go to option for the dads with lower back pain.The Hyperice Venom has an ergonomic design with Premium PlushTM neoprene. It displays a digital touch screen control with nanotechnology heat and vibration. The temperature can be adjusted as well as the vibrations frequency and patterns to personalize the treatment.

Dad is an avid fan of golf? Get him a selection of great home golf training tools. Here is what we recommend:

First of all, Let’s focus on the swing. The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength & Tempo Trainerwill improve Dad’s swing  tempo, strength, and flexibility. The exaggerated flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing by keeping the hands and arms extended. This creates power to help bomb the drive and gain more distance.

A “can’t go wrong” gift is the SKLZ Smart Glove to help a better wrist and grip position. It sets your wrist in the correct position through the swing with a proper wrist release (the wrist guide is removable).

When it comes to chipping, the SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net is convenient for him to chip some balls in at home. The net features three different sized target holes and a ball-catching slot at the bottom for missed shots. Perfect for use with regular or practice golf balls in the home, garage, basement or backyard.

In addition to that, the SKLZ Mini Impact Golf Ball is your first choice for home training. The limited-flight design makes them perfect for everyday home practice sessions.

You can add the SKLZ Putt Pocket to reduce the cup’s size to build the precise aim and alignment that sinks more putts.

The SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Mat is also a smart choice to sharpen Dad’s putting skills which feature adjustable breaks.

And last but not least, the SKLZ Launch Pad All Purpose Hitting Mat is ideal to practice the hit off the tee, on the fairway, or out of the rough.

With this bundle of tools, Dad will enjoy practicing his golf game all summer.

This is a great 2-in-one convenient tool which will keep Dad in top form whether he’s working from home or the office! The SKLZ Hydro-roller is a stainless steel water bottle with a high-quality foam roller. Ideal to foam roll anywhere while constantly reminding you to stay hydrated during the hot months of summer. Ingenious!

Dad is back in the office? Feeling overwhelmed by the increased stress levels? It is time to bring him a SKLZ Pro Mini-hoop to help him destress from time to time using a basketball hoop with the look, function and durability of a pro-grade basket. The complete set comes with a 5-inches mini hoop ball. Dad might even become the office Hall of Famer! 

Knots and tight muscles are Dad daily aches? No problem, we’ve got you covered. This Father’s day, get him the RumbleRoller Beastie Massage Ball. RumbleRoller is specialised in deep tissue massage tools that release any type of knot in the muscles around the neck, back, thighs, chest, arms and foot. It is perfect to use at the office on the chair or against a wall since other options like bigger massage rollers would become bulky. It comes with a base to stop the ball from rolling if needed.

For more information about Sport Wadi products, feel free to get in touch with our sports, fitness and wellness specialists who will assist you in choosing the right gift for Dad.